WOW (Word of the Week) – 10.25.15

This past week’s WOW caused me to pause before jumping in to a thing (or a thought).  It’s amazing how much wisdom can come your way if you just wait for it.

Like instead of waiting for your moment to talk, to actually listen to what other people are saying!

As I mentioned earlier in the week, discernment is a team sport.  Your one piece of the puzzle may only make sense after others have shared THEIRS.

Back in 2004, I was in a leadership class and was struck by one woman who always seemed to have something pertinent to say.  Further, when she spoke, everyone’s ears perked up to listen.

I took her to dinner one night to pick her brain and discover her secret. She smiled and said, “If you notice, when a topic opens for discussion I never speak.  I listen to what everyone has to say first, sift through it and carefully consider what my contribution will be.”

What a revelation to me – the passionate debater who believed speaking early and often was the key to being heard!

So thank you, Judy DeAngelo, for teaching me an important lesson in discernment over a decade ago.  It has caused me to swallow many words (and saved me a few personal and professional regrets.)

And discernment was a PERFECT precursor to this week’s word.  Which is…

Ah!  So what comfort zone do you plan on breaking out of this week?

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