A Visit from Mom and the New WOW for 4.3.16

Thanks to a visit from my mom, I have learned once again to SURRENDER any and all preconceived ideas of what 80 should look and act like.

First of all, she’s got so many likes and friend requests on Facebook (she doesn’t say yes to them all) there’s never a lack of people to chat with on a given day.

When we stroll through a shopping center or grab a bite to eat, SHE’S the one that turns heads. Methinks if she lived here in Florida, she’d have a host of potential boyfriends vying for her attention.

The fabulous John Russo sang to her on Friday night and I don’t think I’ve seen her smile so brightly.  He has that same effect on me.  Oh, and if 80 is the new sixty, 93 also blew my mind.

At the restaurant on Friday night, John introduced us to Shirley, a spry 93-year-old who tap danced along to his songs.

I felt young and invigorated and remembered that it’s never too late to live life fully.

Here are more thoughts on surrender, and the new WOW:

What’s crazy about this pick (and why I looked so surprised by it) was that it is ALSO the very same word selected by my company to be its quarterly theme – so I’ve been thinking a lot about clarity already.

And I’m ready for some!  How about you?

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