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Surrendering to Love & Justin Timberlake (and the New WOW)

You know it’s going to be a fun reception when EVERYONE is surrendering to “Can’t Stop the Feeling” by Justin Timberlake BEFORE the festivities officially begin.

Such was the joyful atmosphere at the recent wedding of Colleen Viola (daughter of Roger and Kathy, Duane’s brother and sister-in-law.)

There was so much love swirling around the place you couldn’t help but SURRENDER to it…as well as to the music.  Duane was thankfully off the hook because my West Coast bestie, Kedric Hubbert, was in attendance.  Not only is he handsome and charming, he’s a great dancer who LOVES the same music I do.  If he lived near me I am sure I would be a size two from all the dancing.

Can’t resist.  Here are some sigh-worthy highlights:

It felt so good – it feels so good -to just let go, doesn’t it?

The opportunity to SURRENDER always comes with an invitation.  

Too often I just keep plugging away at my computer and decline the offer.

How about you?

I do know that in this fleeting experience that is life, it’s the times that I said yes that created the best memories.

The older I get, I realize you CAN dance like no one’s watching because…well…usually no one is!

And now, parting thoughts on SURRENDER and the new WOW:

Beware of opportunities to put your foot in your mouth this week!  (Whenever I get the word WISDOM, I use it as a yellow caution sign.)

But also, look for the insights that will make your life richer.

Love to you all!



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