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Irreconcilable Differences and the New WOW

So as we sit in the Tampa Airport, he reading his sports page and me typing this blog post, I  I chuckle to consider the host of irreconcilable differences that have been survived to date.

It’s far more than his love of the Cowboys and mine of the Eagles.

It’s his propensity to watch the same movies (Caddyshack, the Godfather I, II and III, Diehard and Happy Gilmore, along with Young Frankenstein and Christmas Vacation – even in the summer) over and over and over (and over) again, while I clamor to stay apprised of pop culture and the latest films, TV shows and music.  He thinks if it was created after 1989, it’s irrelevant.

I think the only way to STAY relevant is to know what the cool kids are watching and singing!

It’s his belief that one pair of dress shoes, one casual, sneakers and sandals are the only four items of footwear ever needed in a lifetime. And his horror when MY shoes moved into his house.  Ten pairs of black alone – flats, pumps, sandals, wedges, stilettos, mules, patent leather…in multiples of each.

I wonder at the men who sit in lounge chairs at department stores, waiting as their wives try on outfits. Not all of them seem miserable.

I wouldn’t DREAM of asking Duane to do that, nor would I have fun knowing he was unhappy every moment wasted there instead of watching the game.

Before I got married, I had so many unrealistic expectations, despite well-meaning friends and family warning me that marriage was no fairy tale.

The good news is, it isn’t always a nightmare and more often it is a happy, uneventful companionship that features him watching Hogans  Heroes reruns while I couch dance to “The Get Down” on Netflix on my iPad.

And this is how we reconcile those differences.  I do my thing; he does his – sometimes we do them together and it’s all good.

Our pillowcases say it all.  Yes, the struggle is real – but so is the snuggle.


He golfs on Saturday mornings, and I play around Sarasota – shopping, strolling, wandering…

I stopped being disappointed that we are so different in our tastes and ideas of what fun is and started to embrace the fact that, in our marriage, different works.

Because the one thing we love more than Happy Gilmore reruns and new shoes is each other.

And THIS has been the wisest discovery in marriage for me

Here are more parting thoughts on WISDOM, and the new WOW!

Ah…let your heart be “LIGHT” this week.

(Let means you need to give yourself permission to lighten up.)

Undo those heavy burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ – which is LOVE.

Find your giggle again.  Force yourself to smile.  You’ll feel better.

Be with people who encourage your heart.

Or encourage someone else.

Have a light-filled week, my friends!



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Flattery Will Get You Everywhere (and the New WOW)

Whenever we get a new Word of the Week (WOW), I keep it front and center in my mind when I’m out and about living life.

DISCERNMENT was pre-picked before I left for vacation, and truthfully, it was competing with a few other words I had planned.


While enjoying one of those four major vacation groups, I had a complete LAPSE of discernment, because of the F word.


Back in the day (think early 80’s) when my hair was sky high, my Guess jeans a single-digit size and Candies pumps adorned my feet, I was accustomed to cat-calls, head turns and overt compliments.  Oh, the good ‘ole days!

As the 40’s sailed by and the 50’s were ushered in, so did a kind of invisibility.

Do you know what I mean?

I bet you do.

Anyway, I was strolling through the idyllic village of Carmel (yes, where Clint Eastwood used to be the Mayor) and doing my part to support the local economy (HA! A euphemism for burning up my credit card.)  Side note: The place was really lovely; so nice that when I got a ticket for overstaying my parking welcome I wrote the city a thank you note with my payment.

As I was strolling, this stunning woman who looked like a cross between Jennifer Lopez and Ariana Grande stopped me to say how beautiful I was.

I looked around and yes, she was talking to ME.

Thus began the seduction of Brenda 53.0.

That one line led to a sample of the face cream she was shilling. A magical cream with a price tag of $700.

You almost spilled your coffee, didn’t you? For $700 you have to not only tell me I’m beautiful but also personally come and apply it to my face everyday for me to even THINK about spending that much.

Mama didn’t raise no fool.

Or did she?

Then Jennifer/Ariana broke out a serum that, when applied, gives the appearance of an eye-lift.  I felt it.  It really worked.

But I had to walk.  Compliments ensued.  (She was SO good.)

Now friends, I have have been down this road before.  The previous culprit was, ironically, three years ago – also in the great state of California.  Santa Barbara, to be exact. At that time an exotic, Marc Anthony-type stopped me and, really, acted like he wanted to whisk me away to Costa Rica for a clandestine getaway.

$300 of skin products later, I said to myself, “NEVER again.”  I was on the lookout for handsome, smooth-talking men with face cream in their hands.

What I didn’t account for was a beautiful woman having the same effect on me.

You would have been a little bit proud.  I did thank her for her time and prepare to walk out.  As I grabbed my handbag and headed toward the door, all of sudden, because I was SO beautiful and she was SO concerned about my drooping eyes, the serum the cream AND a body lotion would all just cost me $200 (but don’t tell anyone.  This was a special deal because I was so amazing.)

Yep.  I bought it.  Even KNOWING on the inside that I’d just been taken.

Beware of trips to California and attractive men OR women who will flatter all the discernment out of you.

But the real question is:  Do my eyes look better?

And so we begin a brand, spanking new WOW with a call to AUTHENTICITY.

It’s a good one.  And here’s to a great week!



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