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You Can’t Make Me Feel Bad

One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned in life is that you can’t make me feel bad.

You can’t make me feel inferior, rejected, unworthy, afraid, or anxious.

No, can’t even make me feel lonely, unattractive, ridiculous, stupid or out of touch.

You can’t make me feel…ANYTHING.

I  am (and you are) the gatekeeper to such feelings.

Now, when someone says, “Gee, you look a bit pudgy these days.  One too many donuts?” it wants to MAKE me feel bad.

Or when the voice in my head says, “Sheesh, you look every bit your age in that photo, Brenda” it WANTS to make me feel bad.

It knocks at the door of my soul and says, “Hey!  Here’s a familiar bad feeling.  Can I come in and sit for a spell?”

Because it is a familiar voice, there’s a temptation to acquiesce; to just let it in and steal the next few hours (or days) of joyful living.

But I (and you) don’t have to LET it escalate.

Stopping a bad thought before it ever takes root or gains momentum is a key to walking in STRENGTH (our Word of the Weeks).

This shifts full responsibility for how we feel onto US.  Yes, other people can be entirely crappy, but why assign them so much power?

Ah, the beautiful shift from giving a @#$%& what other people think of us to standing firm in who we know ourselves to be is powerful.

And freeing.

And fun!

Feeling GOOD is critically important.  It is a sign that I am linked up to pure, positive energy (God, Source, the Divine).

Feeling bad?

The devil didn’t make you do it.

YOU did it, but entertaining words and thoughts that should have been kicked to the curb.

Now did I just make you feel GUILTY???

Ha!  That was a trick question!

I can’t make you feel anything.

Now, when I tell you you’re beautiful and amazing and talented and smart, let it lift your heart.  Enjoy the encouragement that comes from those who love you.  That’s the icing – but YOU’RE the cake.

More on STRENGTH and the new WOW, coming right up!


WOW – such an appropriate word to follow STRENGTH!

Don’t fall for the lie that you can’t handle what is on your plate.  You can handle it, eat it, enjoy it, and throw that plate against the wall in triumph!




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Tickled by Memories – and the New WOW

Our WOW was humor and nothing tickled me as much as taking a few trips down memory lane.

My friend Anita and I recalled my turtle adventure as well as my hanging sausage imitation para-sailing with the fab four (Renee, Cynthia, Anita and me.)  We texted back and forth remembering when Cee Lo’s “#$%@ You” song came out. It was a particularly challenging time in our lives, so we danced wildly to it, releasing some much needed endorphins.)

Thinking about next week being the two year anniversary of this on-line venture (which started out as “FLUFFI”), I was perusing the last years’ worth of WOW videos.

Talk about HUMOROUS!

Not the videos so much, but my HAIRSTYLES tickled my funny bone!  In fact, there’s even one where I didn’t bother to do my hair at ALL (what was I thinking?)

Video Thumbnails 1

I see how my fonts changed along with my hair color.  Which also reflected what was going on inside of me at the time.  What I find encouraging is that the new posts look brighter – and it’s not the lighting.  It’s ME.  I’m lighter (well, not just in pounds, but on the inside.)

Video Thumbnails

I also chuckled because my face is SO expressive, it’s hard to stop the recording at a place that would be a normal “smile.”

With me, it’s all teeth or furrowed brows, rolled eyes and hand gestures.

I’d be a terrible poker player.

More about this website’s landmark anniversary next week, but for now, parting thoughts on HUMOR and the NEW Word of the Week:

I think my take on the word RESPONSIBILITY was tempered with my week-long quest to lighten up.

Like I said in the video, taking on burdens that aren’t ours to bear is NOT what responsibility is all about.  It’s about getting OUR stuff done, being true to our commitments and making decisions that support them.

And I’m sure by this time next week, we’ll have a whole lot more to say on that subject!

Have a beautiful week, everyone –



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