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Wake Up Calls and the New WOW (3.27.16)

It’s remarkable what experiences you can enjoy when you put your phone down and wake up to life.

Part of my approach to our WOW from last week, awakening, was to disengage from the constant use of electronics and really engage with people.

It started on the way to the Tampa airport (an hour’s drive) where I would normally compose e-mails, play Words With Friends and check Facebook.  Instead, I gave myself over to the chatter of my driver, Dick.

Dick (please don’t call him Dickie) married at 17 on July 22, 1964 (one year to the date of my birth). A few years back he drove his Harley across country, and says the first twenty years of marriage were the roughest but the last 20 have been great. He spoke in bullet points and regaled me with story after story of a life he’s still living with zest at 70+ years old.

Then, as I waited in the boarding area, a little girl was skipping around like she was hopped up on Sugar Smacks.  Next thing you know, we were chatting and it turns out it was her birthday and she was going out for sushi that night and was SOOOOOOO excited.

Waiting for me in Philly was another driver, Rich, who had baked cookies that morning and had a few waiting for me.  He’s been my shuttle driver several times in the past and we caught up like old friends.  Before I knew it, I was at my destination…

…and I couldn’t help but think how rich I felt for having had conversations.

The world didn’t stop spinning because I didn’t check my e-mails every five minutes.

Here’s more about awakening, and the new WOW:

This weekend’s trip to Philadelphia involved a black tie event in NYC with my dear, dear friends, Steve and Renee Kantor.  We enjoyed hours of conversation driving to the Big Apple and back, and I kept smiling because of how easy it is to be with people who love you unconditionally.

It’s easy to surrender in the company of such love.

I am writing this on Saturday night at my sister’s kitchen table.  Since I arrived late this afternoon, I have surrendered again to the feeling of complete comfort. Good, al dente rigatoni made by Tony, ukulele playing by my sister, memories and funny You Tube videos made for a blissful evening.

I consider how fortunate I am.

Yes, there is SO much on my to do list in the coming days…but right here, right now, I am choosing to live in the moment.  

This week, let’s surrender to the MOMENT we are in.  We’ve got grace for that (not for two days from now; we’ll have THAT when it gets here.)

Happy, happy Easter.

Much love,





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Give YOURSELF A Christmas Present

As I was EXPLORING through my photos, I gave myself a present when I came across my most favorite Christmas photo of all:

Brenda and Santa handThat is one perfectly round face, isn’t it?  (And I’m not talking about Santa’s…)

There’s something so vulnerable about the look on my face.  It’s like, “I know I’m supposed to be happy but I’m actually terrified.  Let me try to put a fake smile on and give a hand wave.”

That hand wave looks more like the Supremes, “Stop, in the name of love” choreography (with a lot less pizazz.)

Enough commentary on the photo.  What I found myself thinking was what I would tell little me if I could have whispered in her ear.

Don’t be afraid little one.  Bad things happen but you’ll survive them all.

Laugh more.  Don’t worry so much.

It’s impossible to make everyone happy.  Just keep choosing love and it’ll all work out.

Hug your daddy really tight.

Embrace your smarts more than your looks (aka not boys more than books.)

Yes, you’re too sensitive.  But it’s also your superpower.  Never let someone talk you out of your gut.

Trust that God loves you.  All the time.  And your good or bad performance doesn’t change that.

Stick up for yourself.  It’s OK to be your own best advocate.

Smoking isn’t cool.  Drinking isn’t glamorous.  You are cool and glamorous without them both.

Don’t trade in your Camaro for a Hyundai Excel.

Don’t be so hard on yourself.  Be as nice to you as you are to others.

There’s a compassion that wells up in me when I see that little round face and chocolate eyes.  And I need to have more of that toward myself TODAY. 

There may be more lines and a different hair color, but the same little soul that sat on Santa’s lap is still me today.

Me n Santa 2015

What would you say to little you?  Why not write yourself a little love note as a holiday present to yourself?

For this week’s WOW, it’s actually a present you can give yourself.  Here we go!:

So what is the first word that came to mind when you saw the question mark?

Christmas hugs and kisses to all of you.  Enjoy every cookie!



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