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Hey! Who Are You Calling a Liar?

A compulsive liar doesn’t get a pass today.  My point is that no one is perfect, and perfection shouldn’t be the criteria for integrity.

I’ve lied.  So have you!  (If you say you’ve never lied, ahem, you’re lying.)

The trick is, do you STAY there?

I’m a horrible liar. It feels like Pinocchio’s nose is growing on me as I speak and my words flounder like a fish out of water.

When people are counting on me, it breaks my heart to let them down.  But I have.

And so have you.

That doesn’t mean you lack integrity.  It means you’re human.

It’s what you DO with your lapses in judgement that makes you a woman or a man of integrity.  True, sometimes you can’t “make it right” but you CAN choose to never make that mistake again.

Don’t judge me on who I was in 1998, because that lady doesn’t exist anymore. 

In fact, don’t judge me (or anyone) at all.  There are enough planks in our own eyes to keep us busy for a while.

Coming clean isn’t fun, but it’s like taking a hot shower when you’ve been playing in the mud.

What’s interesting to me is how often we EXPECT that people are lying to us!  We’re actually surprised when what they do matches up with what they say.

This happened to me recently.  A friend who knows me VERY well, looked at me skeptically and said, “So really…do you pick those words in advance and prepare what you’re going to say before you start recording?”

PhotoCredit: Le Choix

Nope.  Not a chance.  When I know I have a particularly busy schedule or am traveling, I may RECORD a little earlier than normal, but I NEVER ever ever ever pick the word and pretend to pray and pick and speak extemporaneously.

It’s part of my spiritual practice to choose the WOW and invite it to challenge me (and you, if you are inclined).  Faking it would mark me a liar. It would break my spirit. Having had more than my share of experience with spiritual fakers, it’s the LAST lapse of integrity I would ever hope to have.

So, be comforted, my friends. These presentations each week are not rehearsed, practiced, and certainly NOT perfect.  But they ARE shared with integrity, which leads me to this week’s WOW:

It’s powerful to choose not to “wing it” in life.  Those who seem to effortlessly say and do the right thing aren’t specially-born that way.

They’ve made a practice of speaking and living with purpose.

The more you do something, the more easily it flows out of you.

I coach my communications clients to always consider the end game of a media interview. What is their hoped-for outcome?  What message is necessary to convey?  Considering AND practicing these in advance is part of wise preparation.  The message needs to be SO “in you” that a glitch or speed bump won’t knock you off of your game.

This is good advice for all of life.

No, a script doesn’t arrive each morning via courier with all of the plot twists outlined for the day.

But entering our day with PURPOSE can keep us on course regardless of what surprises await us.

What PURPOSE are you bringing in to the new week?



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