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Christmas Cheer to Far and Near!

This image was from one of the very first blog posts I wrote – and the sentiment still holds true.

My annual attempt to spread Christmas cheer through sugar and carbs has drawn to a close.

I have a huge burn mark on my right arm (tended to lovingly by Mark, with antiseptic and aloe.)

Sometimes you have to be burned to realize how loved you are.

The list of people who receive this gesture of love seems to grow each year as my heart grows bigger and the list of people I love gets longer.  I wish I could leap out of every box opened and encourage the recipient to toast first, then SLATHER with butter, ’cause if you’re going to break your diet, you might as well do it right.

But most people know by now the raisin bread ritual and how to savor it well.

I think about my grandmother, whose kitchen was pretty much covered in flour by the time she finished her annual bread-making.

Edna Hartsell made a deep impact on my life…from the way she knelt by her bed at night (literally!) and prayed out loud for everyone (literally!) she knew to the way every car ride with her was a rousing chorale of gospel songs.  We learned, as Elf affirmed, that “The best way to spread Christmas cheer was singing loud for all to hear.”

Each loaf of bread is a tribute to my Mom-mom, who inspired me to a spiritual life.

We each have our own ways of expressing and embracing our individual faith.  Some like to cheer, clap their hands and shout “Hallelujah!” and other prefer to quietly meditate and center their souls on Source.

Though my own spiritual path has been a bit like a Family Circus cartoon, full of twists, turns, detours, valleys, and mountaintops – I am so very very very very very glad to be a believer, not just during the holiday season, but all year long.

My heart is full of appreciation for the Loving Presence that has sustained me through dark times and carried me to better days.

Perhaps the greatest lesson of my past year has been that this Presence is not like a butterfly that descends and departs (based on how good, bad, or tuned in I am) but that it is EVERPRESENT.

I can call upon the Power that created worlds at any time, for it resides in me (and I in it.)  There’s no penance to pay for a misstep, only a moment’s acknowledgment to get back into alignment once again.

Jesus said, “I and my Father are One.”

I get that now, Jesus.

I believe the One we celebrate this time of year would, if He were here, take us each gently by the shoulders and say, “You’ve got the Power!  It’s all right there – use it!”

In my fantasy conversation with Jesus I think He’d also say, “Sheesh!  Stop wrestling with your own worthiness once and for all.  You are LOVED – unconditionally!”

What a Christmas gift. 

Wouldn’t that be the best gift for all of us? 

I came face to face with this once again over the past two weeks when I realized how CONDITIONAL (still) my own love was for myself…

Oh my!  Isn’t it interesting that POWER ends up being our new WOW?

Wouldn’t that be the best Christmas miracle of all – to realize our POWER and walk in it?

I look forward to delving into this with you over the next two weeks.  And if you’ve never visited my other website, www.MEseminars.com, I’ve love you to download my e-book on the topic of my own journey to self-love.  My gift to you!

In the meantime, even if you didn’t receive a loaf of raisin bread this year, my heart is sending you Christmas cheer and heartfelt wishes for the FULLNESS of love to inhabit your heart, now and forever.


With love,


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Trusting in More than Me – and the New WOW

I’d be remiss, as a believer, to not add that there is great comfort in trusting that there is a Higher Power with resources, reinforcements and grace to help in time of need. I choose to TRUST that God’s power is there when I need it (and boy, do I need it.)

I remember facing a really scary circumstance once; the kind of thing that had me quivering on the inside AND the outside. I really was afraid.

Someone reminded me that when I looked at my own strength and abilities, of course it would seem overwhelming.

But when you can call upon the Power that spoke the worlds into existence and ask for help beyond what YOU can do – and you TRUST that when you ask, you’ll receive…it can give you an uncanny boldness.

That scary thing turned into a big win, by the way. I actually surprised MYSELF by my words and the strength behind them, at a time when I never needed those superpowers more.

So that’s my parting thought on TRUSTING. I never push my belief system on any of you wonderful friends out there, but I always try to be clear about what works for me.

So how about we find out what the NEW WOW will be this week?  (Along with a few more details about how TRUST played out in my life this past week.)

I’ve already started my own “AWAKENING” in that I finally feel sort of normal again.

Being sick makes you appreciate the little things you take for granted when you’re feeling fine.

Like the ability to get stuff done without taking naps every two hours!

What might you dust off this week that has been lying dormant? What has been slumbering that will finally wake up this week?

Here’s another thing I like about the word AWAKENING.  It’s not a clamoring alarm clock that jolts you out of sleep with the gentleness of a sledgehammer.

The very word infers a gentleness…a slow reveal…the lifting of a fog to see things you never saw before.

If we are sensitive to the AWAKENINGS in life, we don’t need the jackhammers.

My prayer is that we are all open to seeing new things with new eyes and a fresh perspective on life this week.




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