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Under the Influence Of…?

We are all under the influence of SOMETHING.

Back in the day, it was usually a nice red wine or a very naughty Grand Marnier.

Because my feelings were on lock-down, I had to numb them.

When I started to allow my feelings to rise to the surface (thanks to getting off of Zoloft and eliminating alcohol), those feelings made clear what was TRULY influencing me.

Good feelings? Happy thoughts? Joyful intentions and a positive outlook? That means I’m under the influence of Source/God/Spirit…however you choose to refer to the Divine.

Stressed? Anxious? Feeling insecure and inferior? Oh, I have just unplugged my connection and I am all caught up in what I can see, hear, smell, taste, and touch.

The senses are very compelling, but they are only PART of the story.

There is a meta (above) physical reality that is FAR more powerful that what my senses can discern.

It is in THAT universe where unlimited potential, lavish abundance and boatloads of  creativity and inspiration reside.

One of the most powerful realizations of this past year has been that Brenda and Source are ONE.  I don’t have to strive for a connection; it is not sever-able.

I don’t have to be good enough, or praise enough, or be holy enough to make myself attractive to God.

That’s the unconditional part of love where traditional religion goes off track.

Conservative Christianity’s view that a God that is love – and unconditional love at that – could damn a soul to “hell” always troubled me; yet I was so entrenched, it terrified me to consider otherwise.  I felt guilty reading Rob Bell’s book Love Wins, yet I couldn’t pull myself away from the sense it made.

This awakening was the first of many to follow…and just like playing whack-a-mole, as soon as I learn something new I learn there’s more to learn.

We’re all on our own, individual journeys. Some of you are further down the road than I, and maybe I’m down the pike from where you are…but the best part is it doesn’t matter.

Ha! Doesn’t it often turn out that when you think you’re ahead you’re really behind (and vice-versa?)

This isn’t a competition.  No one has the corner on the market of spirituality and everyone has a little piece of the truth.

I have found that the safest, most peaceful space to live in is where love truly wins.

In that space, everyone wins.

My closing thoughts on awakening and the new WOW, coming right up!

Well, hello possibilities!  What risks are YOU going to take this week?

(I’m rooting for you!)



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Wake Up Calls and the New WOW (3.27.16)

It’s remarkable what experiences you can enjoy when you put your phone down and wake up to life.

Part of my approach to our WOW from last week, awakening, was to disengage from the constant use of electronics and really engage with people.

It started on the way to the Tampa airport (an hour’s drive) where I would normally compose e-mails, play Words With Friends and check Facebook.  Instead, I gave myself over to the chatter of my driver, Dick.

Dick (please don’t call him Dickie) married at 17 on July 22, 1964 (one year to the date of my birth). A few years back he drove his Harley across country, and says the first twenty years of marriage were the roughest but the last 20 have been great. He spoke in bullet points and regaled me with story after story of a life he’s still living with zest at 70+ years old.

Then, as I waited in the boarding area, a little girl was skipping around like she was hopped up on Sugar Smacks.  Next thing you know, we were chatting and it turns out it was her birthday and she was going out for sushi that night and was SOOOOOOO excited.

Waiting for me in Philly was another driver, Rich, who had baked cookies that morning and had a few waiting for me.  He’s been my shuttle driver several times in the past and we caught up like old friends.  Before I knew it, I was at my destination…

…and I couldn’t help but think how rich I felt for having had conversations.

The world didn’t stop spinning because I didn’t check my e-mails every five minutes.

Here’s more about awakening, and the new WOW:

This weekend’s trip to Philadelphia involved a black tie event in NYC with my dear, dear friends, Steve and Renee Kantor.  We enjoyed hours of conversation driving to the Big Apple and back, and I kept smiling because of how easy it is to be with people who love you unconditionally.

It’s easy to surrender in the company of such love.

I am writing this on Saturday night at my sister’s kitchen table.  Since I arrived late this afternoon, I have surrendered again to the feeling of complete comfort. Good, al dente rigatoni made by Tony, ukulele playing by my sister, memories and funny You Tube videos made for a blissful evening.

I consider how fortunate I am.

Yes, there is SO much on my to do list in the coming days…but right here, right now, I am choosing to live in the moment.  

This week, let’s surrender to the MOMENT we are in.  We’ve got grace for that (not for two days from now; we’ll have THAT when it gets here.)

Happy, happy Easter.

Much love,





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Trusting in More than Me – and the New WOW

I’d be remiss, as a believer, to not add that there is great comfort in trusting that there is a Higher Power with resources, reinforcements and grace to help in time of need. I choose to TRUST that God’s power is there when I need it (and boy, do I need it.)

I remember facing a really scary circumstance once; the kind of thing that had me quivering on the inside AND the outside. I really was afraid.

Someone reminded me that when I looked at my own strength and abilities, of course it would seem overwhelming.

But when you can call upon the Power that spoke the worlds into existence and ask for help beyond what YOU can do – and you TRUST that when you ask, you’ll receive…it can give you an uncanny boldness.

That scary thing turned into a big win, by the way. I actually surprised MYSELF by my words and the strength behind them, at a time when I never needed those superpowers more.

So that’s my parting thought on TRUSTING. I never push my belief system on any of you wonderful friends out there, but I always try to be clear about what works for me.

So how about we find out what the NEW WOW will be this week?  (Along with a few more details about how TRUST played out in my life this past week.)

I’ve already started my own “AWAKENING” in that I finally feel sort of normal again.

Being sick makes you appreciate the little things you take for granted when you’re feeling fine.

Like the ability to get stuff done without taking naps every two hours!

What might you dust off this week that has been lying dormant? What has been slumbering that will finally wake up this week?

Here’s another thing I like about the word AWAKENING.  It’s not a clamoring alarm clock that jolts you out of sleep with the gentleness of a sledgehammer.

The very word infers a gentleness…a slow reveal…the lifting of a fog to see things you never saw before.

If we are sensitive to the AWAKENINGS in life, we don’t need the jackhammers.

My prayer is that we are all open to seeing new things with new eyes and a fresh perspective on life this week.




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