Sandwiches and Spirituality

I read two things this morning as the latest hot flash was pouring beads of sweat out of my forehead and wanted to talk to you about both of them.

First, you need to know that yesterday was National Sandwich Day. And there are few things more delightful than the exact sandwich that you are craving at the perfect moment.

This morning's post from one of my favorite shows, Parks and Recreation.
Yesterday’s Facebook post from one of my favorite shows, Parks and Recreation.

Like the gooey comfort of a buttery grilled cheese (and a side of Campbell’s tomato soup). Or the freshly sliced meat of a ruby red Jersey tomato on an Italian roll with mayo and cheese.

These days, I am making a concerted effort to think HAPPY thoughts, and the thought of a good sandwich (with spring-y bread and the crunch of celery in the tuna salad) makes me smile.

Plus, the thoughts have no carbs.

So while I would like you to indulge me with a description of your most favorite sandwich, I also want to share a passage from my new favorite book: E-Cubed by Pam Grout. It’s a book of spiritual principles – and actually, experiments – but written in a way that this pop-culture loving, cut to the chase reader can digest – and run with.

Her premise? Happiness is an inside job. And this is the passage that I am meditating on today and hope it hits you (gently but firmly) as it did me:

“Who in their right mind would walk into a restaurant, take a look at the menu and then order the dish they least desire? Likewise, who would go shopping at Nordstrom and opt to carry the rack’s ugliest outfit up to the sales counter?  Yet, that’s what most of us do in our thinking, in our conversations.

We focus on things we don’t want to happen. 

We focus on the fear, on the negative, on the lack.  And those decisions have a much bigger impact on your life than one ugly dress or a dish you can’t stand.  You literally draw out from the universe whatever you focus upon. 

In other words, you get what you order.  It’s an unalterable law.”

So on the day after National Sandwich Day (and every day thereafter), I hope you order exactly what you are craving.

And I hope you look at life, as I am today, as a menu full of possibilities.

The universe is saying, “May I take your order?”


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6 thoughts on “Sandwiches and Spirituality

  1. Oh, I still “slather” things in butter. Wouldn’t give it up. Loved your thoughts today, Brenda. I’ve always dipped into the positive side of thinking – that’s why I’m such a cock-eyed optimist!
    My favorite sandwich of all is a cheesesteak made by my daughter, Kim. No one makes them as good as her. Just a good Italian sub roll, thinly sliced steak, well-fried onions and American cheese. Sometimes I like fried mushrooms added. My mouth is watering now. SEE WHAT YOU STARTED????? I still love you dearly and in the summer I’ll join you in that Jersey tomato sandwich. I don’t know where the radish thing came from but I used to do that for myself and to this day I slice radishes over ricotta cheese and drizzle it with homemade Italian dressing -YUM. We enjoy this often over the winter when tomatoes aren’t that great.

  2. I’m thinking, and salivating, about a Great Dane, grilled sandwich, from Pure Bred! Ingredients: herb focaccia bread, honey baked ham (thinly sliced), brie, tomato and honey Dijon mustard.
    Until I can get over to Pure Bred, I’ll order some positive thoughts for the day instead.
    “Positive thinking is a habit, like any other; we can practice it every day until it becomes second nature to us — and along the way, transform our lives.” — Washington S. Crowley
    Thanks for the reminder, Bren.

    1. Yum! I just enjoyed it vicariously (no calories). And true words, my friend! (I’m preaching to myself everytime I write).

  3. Oh I LOVE that analogy about happiness.

    My favorite sandwich: two slices of Ezekiel bread, toasted lightly, slathered with salted butter- with several layers of thinly sliced radishes (also lightly salted) in between. Mom used to make us radish sandwiches (on wonder bread) for lunch when we were little. I actually did a Google search once to see where the heck that idea came from. Apparently it’s a French thing!

    1. You ALWAYS leaned toward healthier choices than I did, Sis. Though I could gobble ANYTHING slathered (love that word) in butter…

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