Maddeningly Simple Stuff – and the New WOW

I say maddeningly because on several occasions this week a simple solution caused me to groan, “How could I have MISSED that?”

But the point (always) is not to kick yourself for having missed it, but to rejoice that you finally GOT it.

I was also struck by the needless complications of life – self-imposed ones that add burdens and suck time and energy from our day.

Like my hair.

When I lived in Pennsylvania, my daily ritual was to get up early enough to do full hair and makeup and dress for success so that I’d be ready for whatever the day might bring.  It has always been part of my DNA to look sharp on the outside – it’s like a hobby of mine.  Some people scrapbook; I go to Ulta and Steinmart.

The move to Florida changed everything.  I was now working from a home office and some days, the only people to see me are Duane and Shasta.

They’ve seen me at my worst (and still love me), and I soon realized that wearing mascara added nothing to my ability to get the job done.

If a tree falls in the wilderness and there’s no one there to hear it, does it make a sound?

If there is a press release to write and the writer is in her jammies, does it matter?

Son of a gun, the answer is “NO!”

However, my links to the outside world in my professional life are twice-weekly video conferences. Yay!  I’m going to see people!  And they’re going to see ME!

On those days, I actually wear clothes and perform the whole beauty exercise.  Should a surprise or impromptu meeting arise, I choose the “audio only” function to spare my colleagues from my foundation-less face.

Along the lines of simplicity (there IS a point to this story), I had such a meeting this week and, due to a time crunch, something had to be sacrificed: hair OR makeup.  Since makeup ALWAYS wins, it was with trepidation that I pushed my hair into a clip-pie and let the Florida humidity have its way with my fine, frizzy locks.

This was a wild and carefree Brenda – not one I was completely comfortable with, but hey, I wasn’t hired for my hair, right?

The crazy thing was, the minute my video popped up, everyone exclaimed how GREAT I looked!


All those mornings when I layered product, painstakingly blow dried, back-combed and sprayed Sebastian Shaper everywhere, NOT A WORD.

But when I kept it SIMPLE?  Suddenly, my look had everyone abuzz.

Methinks there is a lesson in this about not needing to try so hard and that the real beauty is being comfortable with who I am (and if the stiletto fits, who you are.) 

And that wasn’t the only MADDENING lesson I learned about simplicity this week:

What a beautiful word to meditate on this week.

Sending tons of love and light to all of you – and Happy, happy Mother’s Day!



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