My Happy (Purple) Place

On the theme of, “It wasn’t what I planned or even what I thought I wanted, but turned out GREAT!” I share with you my happy little love shack of a beach bungalow that I affectionately call my “Purple Place.”

Purple Place
This was the only place available that could house us (and Shasta) while we were displaced from the condo washing machine flood debacle. It is teeny. Decidedly unglamorous. Hugely purple. And the best place I may have ever been.

It’s certainly not lavish digs, but who needs lavish when you have a feeling that is priceless?

I can best describe the feeling as the smell of coconut oil combined with the powdery fluff of Siesta Key beach sand; the whiz of skateboarders traveling through the village with their hair flying behind them and the soundtrack of Bob Marley.

Every little thing…is gonna be alright.

I step outside of my little purple place, take a few steps to my right, and this is what I see.

Purple Place - Beach
Yes, at the end of the road is what was named the “Best Beach in America.” But it’s not just the clear, green water or the flour-like sand. Again, it’s the feeling of the place. This is where drum circles happen every Sunday night and people dance randomly, so free and full of life. I think this is a place where people have come to escape the drumbeat of pressure and have decided to #livejoyfully…and why I feel so at home.

It’s called the “Tropical Breeze” and though it is listed as a hotel, it’s actually a series of little, brightly colored bungalows scattered in an enclave of the Village.  When you exit the back door, there’s a courtyard with the sound of a tinkling waterfall and a Tiki Hut.  Others have hammocks just inviting you to sway with a good book or take a little…siesta.

Purple Place - Hammock
Part of the allure may be that I’m not “there yet.” I haven’t fully unplugged and given myself permission to be the hammock-dweller, sans electronic devices. But I can see myself there, and heading there. And it makes me smile.

Here, I have been forced to adapt to a change in plan that was thrust upon me.  And I see that just relaxing and letting the wave take me equals a new level of peace.

I don’t know quite how long we will be here, but I know it was a Divine detour that has “re-set” my idea of what I want life to be.

Okay, I will fully balance these revelations with another.  There is an oh-so-cute shopping district another 20 steps in the opposite direction.  And yes, I have purchased  not one, but two new pairs of Donald Pliner shoes.

There may always be a little bit 'o King of Prussia in my DNA.
There may always be a little bit ‘o King of Prussia in my DNA.

There is a scripture that says “All things work together for Good to those that love God and are called according to His purpose.”  The older I get and the more I learn, I believe that purpose boils down to love.

If you choose to love – people, life, circumstances, bends in the road and even the things that appear bad at first (condo floods)…it will turn out good.

And in the process, you find out a little more about yourself than you knew before.

I would so love to hear your stories of “life gone wrong that turned out great.”  Please share!

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12 thoughts on “My Happy (Purple) Place

  1. I’d call this: Life gone unfairly wrong in order to be an inspiration to others. There was a sweet elderly woman who visited my table on Sunday at Autumn Antics, where I was demonstrating how to create a little four page book from one sheet of paper. She maneuvered her walker and sat down with two of her friends. I proceeded to give them instructions; first to cut the paper and then begin folding the pieces…..I noticed this woman having some difficulty and then realized that her right hand was lying in her lap leaving her to do everything with only her left hand. Her friends were engrossed in their bookmaking, not paying her any mind, and I, as discreetly as possible, offered to hold down the book to allow her to navigate her folds. I didn’t linger or draw attention to this, realizing that it might embarrass her. After they all completed their books, (and I observed how her friends didn’t help her with the walker or gathering up her stuff) she paused in front of me and said, “You know, I don’t have use of my hand because I had a stroke a few years ago. But I don’t let that stop me. I’m very independent. If I want to climb the ladder, I just say: “Jesus, climb this ladder with me.” – and he does and I do. He’s always there to help me.” Not an ounce of self-pity there; very matter-of-fact about it. Her friends obviously knew better than to hover over her. Quite inspiring. I couldn’t have been audience to a better sermon that day.

    1. Hi Shirlee. It is so wonderful to read about overcomers. What an amazing women! I love what she says when she needs help. I will ask Jesus to climb the ladder with me the next time I am faced with a challenge, which could be any minute now. LOL Thanks for sharing such a beautiful story.

  2. Having just walked on the beach in Long Branch, NJ a few hours ago, I feel all warm and fuzzy and fluffi! I can feel the glow of such a beautiful place as you have eloquently described. I can hear such a change in you, and it makes me very happy that you are so happy. After all, that is what we want most for our friends and family.
    Reflecting on my life, so far, I have marveled at how God works in everything for the good. If I had to choose the #1 “life gone wrong turning out right story”, it would be when I met Mr. Kantor. (: And I agree with you that it all boils down to love.

    1. And what a “Mr. Right” he is! I am so fortunate to have a friend like you, Mrs. Kantor, who can hear what’s REALLY going on behind what I say and how I sound. Yes, it was a rough patch — but I seem to have turned the corner, thanks to the LOVE (there’s that word again) of dear ones like you.

  3. Seeing this and reading your insightful words brings back memories of our brief times spent together. Your words of finding love in everything inspire and remind me of the truths. It is all in the perspective and how we should believe that everything works for our good. God walks through our trials with us and there is truth that if God permits a challenge in our life He will provide the grace to meet it. I miss you my friend

    1. My Shari! I miss you! You have always encouraged me…nudged me…to find a place to serve/encourage again — and after all this time, I believe I have landed in a very FLUFFI place. And who better to share it with than someone with whom I go way back — as well as forward? Please private message me so we can have a good “catch up!”

  4. I hear your hammock calling me… lol It takes awhile for the NEastern drive to down shift. Like your new song…don’t worry…be happy. 🙂 I’m sure your detour is getting into you as the ‘island vibe’ sneaks up on you and one day you realize when someone comes to visit (still set on NE mode) that you are in a much slower gear. lol Save a spot for me in the hammock as I take a west coast tour in the winter. 🙂

    1. Diane – you ALWAYS had the Florida vibe DOWN. There is always a spot in my hammock (and heart) for you. Let me know when you are on the Gulf Coast and we will connect!

  5. Oh Brenda, how I envy you (I know -it’s a sin!) but purple is my favorite color and you are residing in “my place” temporarily. It looks like a doll house and I’m sure you and Duane are making the best of it.
    You know I have had my ups and downs over the years but I have ALWAYS bounced back. I had people ask me all the time “how do you do it with 5 children by yourself” and I always told everyone that I had two good, strong arms under mine holding me up and pushing me forward and upward. God has been good to me and my family and I thank Him each and every day.
    My sister (your mother), my brother, Bob, and I have been fortunate to live much longer lives than our parents did and I’m sure God had a good reason. I always believed that God will bring you to it and see you through it and will never give you more than He thinks you can handle.
    The old hymn comes to mind – “Only Believe”.
    Love to you both.

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