A Good Soundtrack = A Happy Office

I am music lover, and you can’t pin me down to one genre.  I’m “All About That Bass” one minute and “The Lady is a Tramp” the next.

On karaoke nights, “It’s Not Unusual” to find me belting out Tom Jones followed up by my best Cher impression.  If it is an especially good night, Duane will accompany me as Sonny.

On this tour of my office, you’ve seen all my little inspirations and memories – but what’s the soundtrack?

On Friday afternoons when it’s close to quitting time, I switch Pandora to either “Stevie Wonder Radio” or “Bruno Mars.”  It’s the perfect “get my weekend groove on” music.

But when I am seriously attached to the computer screen and immersed in productivity mode, I go back to the islands…Maui, to be exact.

Several years ago my friend Anita and I took the trip of a lifetime to Maui, and one of our favorite excursions (after I recovered from the helicopter ride and zip-lining) was to the Saturday morning flea market.  This was no small event; it was ACRES of cool stuff, from potions to art, food to…wait…what’s that sound???

My ears perked up as I heard the most magical chords; it felt like heaven touched down and decided to mingle with us mere humans. 

Just like in the Pied Piper tale, I couldn’t help but follow the sound and it led to just one man, standing behind a table, playing his CDs.  He had this very chilled out demeanor, and angelic aura and a very unassuming manner as he whipped out his iPad and sold disc after disc.  I bought three:

Nadama CDs

I thought he was a local who was completely unaware of his amazing gift (and in sore need of a marketing guru to put him on the map.)

He is known simply as Nadama, and you need to hear him for yourself.

Turns out he’s doing just fine without a media mogul’s involvement.  I arrived home and turned on Pandora Spa…and there he was.

So, my FLUFFIs, if you need some chill background music or a soundtrack to accompany your meditation, enjoy some simply beautiful Nadama and bring a little Maui to your office.

What music helps you work – or prepares you for the weekend?

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3 thoughts on “A Good Soundtrack = A Happy Office

  1. I am listening to “Feels Like Redemption” by Michael English. When I’m down and feeling “out of sorts,” I put on the xfinity music stations on the tv. Nothing like 24 hours of non-stop music, in all genres. I love all kinds of music. When I’m not in the mood to clean (which is always), I put on the Contemporary Christian station, and every single time, it inspires me and I find the task at hand is easy. When I want to go back in time, I put on the Classic Rock station and reminisce about the old days. When I want to feel zen-like, I put the Soundscapes channel on. So relaxing and beautiful. Music and nature are the two things that can take me to a place of peace.

    1. I so agree. Some of my favorite times are sharing music WITH you – what lovely memories. And then the song comes on and it “takes me back” to that moment we shared. Love you, friend!

  2. Hi Brenda! It’s me again -your aunt!!! Just read your posting and it struck me that the songs I really appreciate are the “oldies”. I mean the real ones – from WW!!. You know, the 40’s and 50’s – long before you were even thought of by your Mom & Dad, You know why? Because I can still, at 81, remember all the words to just about any song from that era. Those old songs “said” something and meant something. They weren’t just a lot of noise like a lot of today’s music. Don’t get me wrong, I listen to everything from hymns to rock to head-bangin’ music but no one can tell me that 50 years from now they will remember the words to today’s music!Do you think? Love you, AJ

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