Getting By With a Little Help from My Friends (and the New WOW)

It was one of those whirlwind weeks involving a quick trip back to PA, squeezing in a host of meetings as well as a charity event (more about that in this week’s video) and an oh-too-early flight back to FLA in less than 48 hours.

Why do I do it?

This trip was no mandate from corporate; I’m totally committed to The Main Line Chamber Foundation and it’s effort to raise money for volunteer firefighters. I fly back every year on my own dime for the opportunity to award over $40,000 in scholarships to these hometown heroes.

Overall, these past few years I’ve spent more time in airports and airplanes that in the previous decade combined.  I actually enjoy it (though my husband would prefer that it occur less often) and here’s why:

I get by with a little help from my friends.  (Yes, I’m singing it as I write it!)

I’m about to blow the cover off of a little known secret, but there’s no risk that the best little bed and breakfast in the world will be inundated with reservations.

Because you can’t stay there.

When I fly back to PA, I stay at a place called Kamp Kantor.  It’s better than any five star suite at the Four Seasons.

I arrive to the warmest hugs imaginable.  The kind that instantly comfort you and say, “You are so loved and welcomed here.”  The hostess looks me dead in the eyes and can assess in an instant if I’m up for conversation or need to be ordered directly to bed.  Even if it’s 8 PM.

I look around, and my always too heavy suitcase has magically disappeared, already hoisted (seemingly effortlessly) up the spiral staircase (really) to my deluxe bedroom.

When I enter the room, soft, spa music is playing.  This time, there was a gift on my pillow (knowing how I love turtles, the proprietor had a silver turtle anklet waiting for me.)

And the bed? Something transcends the normal challenges of menopause and I sink into a dreamless, restful sleep that refreshes me for the onslaught of activities that await.

NOTE TO FRIENDS AND FAMILY: Many times you may see that I am scheduled to be in the Delaware Valley and wonder why I’m not visiting you!  Believe me, I don’t usually have time to go to the bathroom let alone visit.  I’ll try to rectify that in the future, but for now, thanks for understanding.

When I descend from my morning shower/hair/makeup ritual to face the day, somehow the PERFECT cup of coffee is waiting for me.  Just the right amount of cream and sugar and with an octane level like jet fuel, it’s served in a “Friendship” mug that warms my heart while jump-starting my day.

The best mornings are when there’s time for a good 15 minute chat. The proprietors of Kamp Kantor and I can TALK.  Topics range from pop culture to sports to politics to religion (nothing is off limits because there’s such love and respect among us) and before leaving, there a WOD (Word of the Day) to pick.

Mrs. Kantor is the one that started me on the choosing of what she calls “angel cards” and, well, you know how THAT ended up.  For over a year it has become my signature WOW ritual every Sunday on Facebook (and all because of my friends, the Kantors, whom I have written about previously.)

Oh, and did I mention that Mrs. Kantor lets me borrow her car so I don’t have to rent one?

Yes, this is an ode to Kamp Kantor, written with love and appreciation for the friends who make it a home away from home, Renee and Steve.  In a week where Sisterhood/Brotherhood was our WOW, boy did I benefit from their place in my life.

My sister and brother friends are like a diverse bouquet; they each add a unique perspective that is so crucial to navigate the sometimes rocky waters of life.  

Here are my parting thoughts on this WOW and the unveiling of the new one:


No more trains, planes or automobile adventures this week for me.

Let’s strip down our lives to the acoustic version this week.

It’s a simple song of love that I hope we all dance to…



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2 thoughts on “Getting By With a Little Help from My Friends (and the New WOW)

  1. Loved your description of the Kantors—the very definition of mishpocha! Apparently anyone who can say “There’s no place like home” hasn’t stayed with them.

  2. Thanks Brenda. the phones have been ringing off the hook and we are booked till December. But, there is always a place for you any day any time.

    Much love,

    Steve – Head Counselor at kamp kantor
    Renee – Activities Director at kamp kantor

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