FLUFFI LOVE: The Shoe Always Fits

My love affair with shoes began WAY back.

I was a chubby little fluff (100 pounds in kindergarten) and had to have my clothes made for me. My mom grew adept at creating tent, A-line dresses in every color and pattern…and I even had to have shoes specially made for my extra wide feet.

Yep, that's me rocking the A-line dress.  Because specialty shoes for chubby feet were so expensive, you can see that I didn't have a matching pair.  Boo!
Yep, that’s me rocking the A-line dress. Because specialty shoes for chubby feet were so expensive, you can see that I didn’t have a matching pair. Boo!

When the cruelty of the other kids on the playground became unbearable, my mom took me to the pediatrician who placed me on a 1,000 calorie a day diet. At snack time when the other kids were unscrewing their Oreos, I was eating unsalted crackers…but in the summer between kindergarten and 1st grade, I was so transformed no one even recognized me. (I have to admit it was pretty cool to show up that first day in my new clothes that HADN’T been made for me.)

If you have every struggled with your weight like me, you understand the need for a large closet to house  several sizes of skinny, medium and fat clothes.

But something I LOVE about my adult years is that no matter how wide (or narrow) my hips, my shoes always fit.

Do you have that special pair in your closet that evokes a happy memory?

I posed that question on our FLUFFI Facebook page a few weeks back and wanted to share a few of the responses, including my own about my magic wedding shoes.

They called to me from a pedestal at Neiman Marcus.  I visited them every week until I finally took the leap...
They called to me from a pedestal at Neiman Marcus. I visited them every week until I finally took the leap…

Not too high of a heel to hinder dancing the Tarantella; not white to look so bridal I’d never be able to wear them again – these babies added to my wedding day smile.  I kept wanting to take them off and show people, “Look!  I’m wearing Badgely Mischka’s!!!”  Truth be told, I couldn’t afford them, but a friend (who was tiring of me talking about them) had this off-the-wall advice (which I do not recommend for future purchases):  “If they approve your credit card application, it’s God’s way of saying you should buy them.”

Who knew God was a shoe-lover too?  It was several months before they were paid off, but every time I look at them I remember my wedding day vividly – from my tiara to my toes.

My fabulous Aunt Joan Shaw learned how to text me a photo just to participate in this article.  Now THESE are also swoon-worthy shoes:


These are ageless in their gorgeousness.  I'd steal them from her closet today (but I bet she'd fight me for them.)
These are ageless in their gorgeousness. I’d steal them from her closet today (but I bet she’d fight me for them.)

Here’s her story:

“I believe it was around the time for my 40th class reunion and I saw an outfit in the Talk of the Walk shop at Trop that I knew would be perfect but I just could not afford their prices. I also knew I just had to have it so I started to save and save and save. The outfit stayed in their window and I finally got the  nerve to ask the price.—–$400 (on sale). I never in my life owned anything that expensive, but I finally was able to take that gorgeous outfit home as mine. It was a toast color 3-piece outfit – long skirt, shell, and jacket – and made from all kinds of material – burlap, crochet, knit, lace, etc. in sort of a patchwork effect.

I also had seen a pair of shoes at the mall that I thought would go great with the outfit, but they were too expensive also. But—the Lord works in mysterious ways —the shoes came down in price also -$100!!!  (Editor’s Note:  Interesting how my Aunt Joan and I both called upon the powers on High to grant us our shoes.  Hmmmm….)

Never in my life did I think I would ever wear such a pair of shoes. They were the most gorgeous I had ever seen and I had fallen madly in love with them from the git-go.

They were cream-colored buttery soft suede stiletto heels—the heels were the highlight of the shoe. They were tiny, square, gold metal heels. The front of the shoe was a small criss-cross pattern of the suede across the instep.

Needless to say, I felt like a million bucks going to my reunion and I only wore that outfit one more time, to my daughter Kim’s girlfriend’s wedding. The dress still hangs in a bag in my closet and the shoes are still in the original box somewhere in the back of my closet -probably never to be worn again. But oh, what memories those shoes have for me.

I really felt like what my mother used to say, “You look like Mrs. Rich-Bitch!” 

I guess I’ll hang on to those shoes for posterity – or ’til they no longer bring fond memories back.  P.S. I also had jewelry to match it all and a cream-colored leather clutch. Lots of compliments each time I wore that outfit but most about the shoes – they were so different. Never saw any like them.”

Aunt Joan, I bet you were SMOKING HOT in that outfit – and those shoes, “Ahhhhhhh….I am in love, too.”

For our final SHOE LOVE story of the day, my sister Shirlee shared this:

“I’m attaching a picture of my favorite shoes.  I have yet to wear them.  I bought them a year ago because they perfectly match my favorite gown which hasn’t been worn since John and Libby Innamorato’s wedding, 15-plus years ago. The gown is simple and elegant; a shimmering taupey-champagne color. The back features a dramatic satin drape that falls low, and a slit that goes up to the knees.

After that wedding, I gained weight, making it tight in the hips and highlighting my stomach, which protruded as if I were 7 and a half months pregnant.

But I could not let go of the hope that one day it might fit me again because I feel like Jackie Onassis when I wear it.

I originally wore it with silver shoes –  long gone – worn out and out of style.

So for 15 years it hung in the following closets:  6 Fairway Drive, 4 Fairway Drive, 216 N. 36th Ave., then finally to 306 N. Ventnor Avenue.  All alone, without a matching pair of shoes.

Sometime between 216 North 36th and 306 North Ventnor  I began a running routine using an app on my phone.  Thank you, C25K –  the gown fits once again! I found these perfect shoes around that same time.   They look as though they were made from the same cloth as the dramatic satin drape.


Jackie O's got NOTHIN on you, sis.  This outfit is so hot I'm having a flash!
Jackie O’s got NOTHIN on you, sis. This outfit is so hot I’m having a flash!

Now I’m just waiting for the perfect party/event invitation.   In the meantime, I’m still running.   When the opportunity presents itself, I’ll be ready for it.”

This just makes me want to throw a party for all the FLUFFIs around the world so we can wear our favorite shoes.  I promise you – this is on my dream list (and you know what happens when I do THAT.) 

FLUFFIs, has this little post reminded YOU of a pair of shoes that make you swoon?  Inbox me and tell me your story.  I’d love to do a sequel to this one, starring YOU.




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3 thoughts on “FLUFFI LOVE: The Shoe Always Fits

  1. By ther way, Brenda, you are welcome to the shoes if you really want them and they fit – after I’m gone though -LOL I’ll make sure they are designated for you with love.

  2. Surte hope Shirlee gets a chance to wear that dress and shoes real soon – they are absolutely a perfect match and gorgeous. Love you both..

  3. Oh, Mrs. Viola! You were absolutely adorable! I remember your wedding shoes! Gorgeous!
    I used to have a love of shoes, until I ruined my feet decades ago trying to fit my wide foot into pea-sized, high-heels! I would endure the pain. My mother always told me I was going to regret it. Sadly, my shoe of choice for the last several years has been my sneakers or Dr. Scholls. Can’t wear anything higher than a half-inch heel (if that!). My designer shoes are Clarks. ): It is what it is. I have to say that Shirlee’s shoes are absolutely exquisite!

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