Favorite FLUFFI Thing: Turtles

Funny and true story: my buddy Anita and I were on the trip of a lifetime in Maui – just the two of us. In the past, vacation for me meant catching up on trashy magazines, soaking up sun and napping…but Anita is an adventurer. I found myself ziplining and taking a helicopter ride – and then we went snorkeling.

As a rule, I am not a fan of undomesticated critters, nor am I particularly coordinated OR adventurous. But when in Maui…

Anita ventured out to the deeper end of the ocean, while I gingerly broached the water, trying to get the hang of those flapping feet contraptions (let alone breathing under water.) I hyperventilated for the first few minutes as I paddled in about three feet of water, then I began to relax and actually enjoy seeing the little, colorful fishies.

Just as I thought to myself, “Hey!  I’ve got the hang of this!” the current floated me to within inches of the HUGEST turtle ever seen by humanity.  I mean, his eyeballs were as big as my FACE.  He (and I don’t know the turtle gender for sure, but I am convinced he was a he) was the size of a small TRUCK.  I froze for a few seconds, then furiously backpedaled to shift my momentum away from playing kissy face with said turtle.

Have you ever screamed under water?  It’s pretty useless, but Anita swears that she heard me. 

Forgetting that I had snorkel feet contraptions on (I know there is an official name for them, but not using it helps to illustrate my complete lack of snorkeling-savvy), I splashed upright and began running for the beach screaming, “I saw a turtle!  I saw a turtle!”  This boisterous exclamation was punctuated by spectacular sand falls every three steps because you CANNOT walk let alone run in those flipper things.

From my loud performance, it would seem that a crowd would gather to learn the details of this stunning turn of events.

No one even looked up from their InStyle Magazines.

Incredulous, I repeated (even louder), “I saw a TURTLE!  It was HUGE!”  The sunbathers looked up quizzically, then returned to their regularly scheduled activities.

Um, this was Maui.  Seeing huge turtles in the ocean is not a “thing.”  It’s like going to Neiman Marcus and seeing Louboutins.  But to ME, it was monumental…life changing…a sight for virgin eyes and a story for the ages.

Anita swears that every time I tell the story, the turtle gets bigger (I think it is up to the size of a football field now.)

It sparked an interest in turtles that remains to this day.  I’ve since learned that turtles are viewed in many cultures as a sign of good fortune and longevity; in feng shui, a tortoise in the home is a symbol of luck.  My home is the luckiest place around, then, because I’ve gathered quite a collection of turtles that always bring me back to that snorkeling adventure in Maui.

Just a few of my favorite turtles.  The background is a mousepad and that turtle is a RINGER for my legendary turtle friend.
Just a few of my favorite turtles. The background is a mousepad whose turtle is a RINGER for my legendary friend.

Isn’t it the unexpected, out of the box, “I can’t believe I did that!” stuff that makes for the best memories?

Here’s to throwing away the script and dipping our toes into new waters this week, FLUFFIs!

Can you recall a time when you ventured outside of YOUR comfort zone and made a lifetime memory?  

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8 thoughts on “Favorite FLUFFI Thing: Turtles

  1. I do remember Anita telling me about your experience and how the turtle just kept getting bigger and bigger each time you told the story! As always, hearing about it directly from you, it made me laugh out loud.
    I was trying to think of something I have done out of my comfort zone. For sure, going over the Grand Canyon in a helicopter was one of the highlights of my life. I was scared silly, but it was absolutely thrilling! Thanks for posing that question of your readers, as I haven’t thought about it for a long time!

  2. Loved this story Brenda. Never knew you were that bold to even attempt scuba diving. I’d love to see your “bucket list”. I’ve bee able to accomplish a few. Always wanted to go to Jamaica (never thought I would) and got to go there twice. I also always wanted to be in New Orleans for Mardi Gras and I got to experience that also. Both were great experiences but I never expected to accomplish them since I am a nervous wreck when I fly(!!!) I just ask God to give me strength, stop me from shaking(LOL) and get me to my destination in one piece. So far, he has answered my prayers every time. I would like to visit Hawaii and be in California for the Rose Parade on New Year’s Day but at my age I’ll probably not get to those things. Sending XOXO

  3. Haha! I really enjoyed reading your turtle saga, and now know something new I didn’t know before about you! On another note, being adventurous seems to be a prerequisite the older I get- the less if life I have to live, the more I want to experience! Here’s to exploring & new adventures!

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