Compassion Wins the Day

I’m going to break with tradition and reveal the new WOW now: COMPASSION.

Nothing melts my heart like compassion.  Sometimes people make these little sounds of understanding, like a coo or a hum, and without saying a word they speak volumes.

I get you.

I understand.

I’m with you.

Compassionate people respond this way to matters both weighty and ridiculous. Whether  venting about that slowpoke driver who made you late – or an anguished dissertation about a disappointing relationship, compassionate people never make you feel judged.

They know that your feelings aren’t right or wrong – they’re just the way you feel.  

That’s the key, life-changing phrase that my friend Roseann always says.  But when she shared it with me the first time, I was taken aback.

Really?  You mean I don’t have to feel guilty for the feelings I’m having?  (When you come from a toxic church background, real human emotions are viewed as sins for which you need to repent.)

Roseann is one of the most compassionate people I know.  She’s on my mind particularly this week because we are together in Montreal, for the first time of what I hope will be many, sharing a speaking engagement and tag-teaming at the International Municipal Clerks Association’s annual conference.

Please don’t be mad at me, my friend. I couldn’t resist including the photo we took today!

Her brand of compassion? It comes with hot sauce and a kick in the ass if you need it.  If she thinks you’re NOT alright, she won’t let you off the hook until you come clean. If your heart is broken, she’ll let you have a moment or two of tears and then she’s all, “Chop chop!  What’s the game plan?  How can I help?”

She remembers EVERYONE’s birthday and anniversary – and even sends Shasta cards each year.

She’s sassy, tender, outrageous, funny, beautiful, brilliant, brave and her presence in my life makes me a better Brenda.

So that’s a little love note to my sister from another  mother!

Here are my parting thoughts on PATIENCE, why I think fearless living is a lie,  and onward to the new Word of the Week!:

Enjoy the fruits of compassion this week!



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2 thoughts on “Compassion Wins the Day

  1. Hi Brenda: So happy to read about your friend I had one like that for 69 years and lost her this past week to very fast-moving bone cancer. You know “Aunt Raine”. She was a sweetheart and my BFF before that phrase was even thought of as a statement. She was glamourous, fantastic dancer, great cook, fierce MaMa Bear and fabulous NaNa to her grandchildren. I spoke at her funeral thru tears, not only of sadness but of joy as well. She had accepted the Lord as her Saviour and knew where she was going – to be with Frank & Jesus. She just didn’t want to go on without Frank and she asked God to take her quickly and He did. She looked beautiful. She had planned he whole funeral from what the casket was lined in to what she wore and what flowers she wanted. I ended my elegy with a poem from many years ago that we promised to speak for each other and unfortunately, I had to go first. It was called “If Tomorrow Starts Without Me”. She also had beautiful music sung by the daughter of a dear friend of ours. Couldn’t have asked for a nicer service.
    Unfortunately, I came home, had a serious fall in the house, tripping over my oxygen tubing and ending up in the hospital. Had to be transferred to Cooper for further evaluation since I lost a lost of blood and had a large abdural hematoma on the back of my head where I hit the floor. I am fine and home now but very sore. On special meds for a week because of the hematoma (anti-seizure). Compassion is a gear word and I havfe plenty of it. Ity was amazing how much I received after the fall. It seems like I have more imprint on more people than I thought. Hope you and your BFF go one for a long time. Thanx for listening. Lve & hugs, AJ

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