Big Ain’t Easy (and the New WOW)

No one said that seeking to live a big life would be easy.

As I reflected on our Word of the Week, EXPANSIVENESS, so many of the memes that supported this theme spoke to the part of my heart that dreams of a limitless life.

A life where yes is the first response, not no.

A life where dreams are nurtured instead of dashed by negativity and where love can freely radiate from me, fueled by hope and effervescent belief.

This is who I am at my core.  If I try to be anything else, it constrains me like an ill-fitting jacket.

As life slips into the years where every moment counts because only God knows how many I have left, I have chosen to surround myself with people whose energy gives life instead of taking my own.

How can you live a BIG, expansive life with weights around your ankles?

Oh, you can try…and almost die trying.

This is not to say that choosing to live big is easy but that choosing to be someone that you are not is much harder.

At some point you have to look at those shackles and decide to settle for their tether or to bravely cut ties and allow yourself to fly.

I used to think that such talk was selfish. Now I realize that taking care of me is long overdue and living my life to suit other peoples’ expectations is just another performance.

I don’t want to perform at living.  I want to LIVE. 

Which brings me to this week’s post, and the answer to the question “What’s going on with Brenda?”

Let me add this disclaimer: My choices are my own; they are not a reflection or judgement against anyone else.  I refuse to stoke bitterness and judgement; I wish only love and happiness for everyone. Please know that my life decisions should not be viewed as a rejection or devaluing of another. Rather, they reflect me finally accepting and valuing MYSELF.

I am ready to be that butterfly.

Are you?



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11 thoughts on “Big Ain’t Easy (and the New WOW)

  1. Sending you Love and prayers that God will heal the broken places and fill you with His strength to continue to shine your light in the world.

  2. My dear friend. Once again you’ve taken a hard step of faith to move from known to unknown. I think we’re all on a path of “Transformation”. Learning how to be who you were meant to be without the cheers or boos of others is a messy life long process. It’s the journey not the arrival that makes a lasting difference in both ours and other’s lives. I just saw “The Shack” again and each time, I’m touched regarding the conflict with others and life circumstances that helps us come to a greater awareness of ourselves and God’s great LOVE for us. I hope especially at this time that you’re sensing The Father’s LOVE for you, crawling into His lap, sharing ALL with Him, the good, the bad and the ugly, letting Him comfort and strengthen you. Praying for you and sending my love.

  3. As I sit here in tears I can’t help but admire you for your courage. This recorded message was just beautiful. So now that everything is going in a different direction, how about if you put on those butterfly wings and soar girl, soar. Higher and higher – there is no stopping you now.
    Just know how very much you are loved. AJ

  4. You touched on exactly what I’ve struggled over for many years, finally getting the courage to set myself free. I’m here for you.
    We are transforming and see beauty and light in our futures. Love u

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