Airport Inspiration and the Word of the Week

As I de-planed in Charlotte with, thankfully, plenty of time to make my connecting flight, I made a pit-stop into the nearest restroom.

I planned the usual – a quick tinkle, hair fluff and lipstick application, then off to Terminal C.

Boy did I get far more than I bargained for, because this particular lavatory was run by a burst of inspiration named Patricia.

“Well HELLO and welcome to the happy zone!” she bellowed to everyone who entered her domain.  

“Come on in beautiful ladies!  You’re going to have a wonderful day!”

I scrambled to find any cash to stuff in her tip jar; her effusive joy in loving on complete strangers was infectious. I stuck around a little longer than necessary just to soak the love in.  Then, she burst into song.

I had to capture it. So for all of you who weren’t fortunate enough to be at the Charlotte International Airport, here’s Patricia:

Now we have Patricia whenever we need a jolt of joy!

I was also struck by how she took what some might call an undesirable job and made it her domain. She OWNED it, showered it with her own special sauce and  made peoples’ days, every day.

It’s all in the attitude you bring to whatever you do, isn’t it?

Thanks, Patrice, for helping me end this word of the week with a technicolor display of INSPIRATION.

Now, how about a new WOW?  Here we go…

Truth!  It’s a week to cut to the chase (but don’t cut anyone off at the knees.)

Being honest with ourselves and others is a path to freedom. 

Bear in mind that life doesn’t just offer hard truths. There are also soft ones, comforting ones, healing and happy ones.

May we find them all this week – and yes, let the truths set us free!



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One thought on “Airport Inspiration and the Word of the Week

  1. Wow! Wow! Wow! Oh my. Brenda. How very true that the Truth will set you free. I wish that everyone could have a “Patricia” in their area to enjoy that God-given enthusiasm. Just think what this world would be like if everyone felt the same way as Patricia does about her life. You can make whatever you want of your life if you just accept what God has given you to work with with no questions asked! Have a beautiful week.
    Much love, AJ

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