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People who are long time friends of my online adventures have noticed the shift from what was known as “FLUFFI” to – gulp – the actual use of my name.

For newcomers, you might be wondering, “Where in the world did FLUFFI ever come from?”  Here’s the backstory: When I saw the Will Farrell movie Semi-Pro, I adopted the word “FLUFFY” to describe anything that made me happy, was wonderful or inspiring. The word was also used as an exclamation of joy. (In the film, he goes to heaven, looks around and says, “It’s so fluffy here. I don’t want to leave!”)

I wanted my LIFE to be like that. So fluffy that I didn’t want to leave!

When considering what made me happiest, it boiled down to:

1.  Encouraging my friends

2.  Connecting people in a way that validated our respective dreams

3.  Singing bad karaoke, meditating in a float tank, hearing gospel music, traveling to a new locale or wandering around any Main Street

What to do with this juxtaposition of liking a good, juicy National Enquirer as much as a Marianne Williamson book? It came to me: FLUFFI (Fabulous Ladies United for Fun, Fearlessness and Inspiration).

The heartbeat of this project was the belief that when fabulous women connect, magic happens. Give me some spiritual insight, an ocean view – and a new pair of shoes! I didn’t  want stuffy – I wanted FLUFFI (the”Y” changed to “I” for Inspiration.)

Now, I loved me some FLUFFI.  In less than a year, close to 6,000 people jumped on board and we shared stories, supported each other and had a blissful love-fest going…

…until a coaching session hit me over the head, dislodging me from the comfort zone that FLUFFI had become and inspiring me to stop hiding behind a non-threatening moniker that newcomers could hardly take too seriously.

In August of 2015, FLUFFI officially became “BrendaViola.com” in an effort to embrace both fabulous women AND men, and not be limited to the perception of something small that you pet.

Here’s to the evolution of FLUFFI and the emergence of Brenda Viola.  Thanks for coming along for the journey!

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