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When You Love YOU, You Laugh More

My ability to laugh is directly related to how secure I am in my love for myself.

Stick with me. Don’t touch that dial.

I believe if we dare to be brutally honest, this self-love thing is an issue we skirt around all the time and can avoid until we draw our last breath, which is too late to reap the benefits in this one shot we have at being US.

We drink vats of red wine to compensate. Or work relentlessly to prove our worth. Pay no attention to that gross insecurity hiding behind my bravado! The Academy Award for acting like I’m not a wounded child goes to…YOU. And me.

Look, I realize you (and I) are well aware of our imperfections. Some of you look in the mirror and literally see yourselves as disfigured, and you couldn’t even choke out the words, “I love you” to yourself in the mirror.

If a genie granted me one wish, oh how I would wish that every person reading this could not only say those words but let them heal their broken souls; that the power of this love would propel them to a new level of life that renders them untouchable from the fiery darts of others and unable to produce weapons to self-inflict wounds.

Too many of us hobble along like that for an entire lifetime. I sure did, until my breakdown/breakthrough in Costa Rica. How pointless when a handicap is a product of our own making; because of the dark thoughts we allow to run rampant in our heads.

Instead, these self-loathers compensate by being amazing givers. People who meet them are SO impressed! They think they are so smart, so engaging, so attractive and personable!

And they (you) are.

But imagine how powerful you would be if YOU really believed in your amazingness. If you didn’t speak such hateful words to yourself; if you truly hit the mat and chose to “Embrace Your Flawsomeness” once and for all?

I know, you’re saying, “Brenda, I thought these past two weeks were about humor! And your subject line was about laughing ! I did not bargain for all of this talk about self-love.”

So I’ll share a memory of fat little Brenda. Here’s a visual to help:

Yes, I’m the one on the right; the one who could only pick from the “Chubby” section in the Sears catalogue…and who had to have specially made shoes to hold my big, round, flat feet.

I know, you’re thinking, “What a cutie pie!”

But put yourself in my “had to be custom made because I was so obese” shoes.

Every day, the kindest words I heard were “pleasingly plump.” The worst? “Fatso.” “Pig.”

No one wants to play on the seesaw with the fattest kid in school. And you can’t run without peeing your pants, so you don’t even try. I spent most nights crying myself to sleep and hating myself because I didn’t look like everyone else.

And because I believed the self-talk that concluded because I weighed more I was less than; that as a result I was unworthy of love or to excel at life – I couldn’t laugh much.

I’ve written before about being bullied in high school. By then I was quite slim, learned how to use makeup, dressed well and smelled good. No joke – you can see for yourself here:

With my mom and mom-mom. I had NO idea how lovely I was.

Despite my physical transformation, in every comment I heard a slight; I felt rejection.

Instead of my inherent sensitivity being a blessing to myself and others, my lack of self-worth produced hyper-sensitivity – taking the gift of feeling and using it as a weapon of self-destruction.

I wonder now: Had I sooner dealt with this issue of of finally loving myself – would I have found a silver lining of levity in those high school years? Instead of hiding in bathroom stalls or detouring to avoid certain cliques, would I have been more likely to laugh than cry?

But you can’t laugh at yourself when you hate yourself. You can’t shine as the star you are when you scurry to hide from the spotlight. And the further downfall? A constant propensity to be offended; the inability to lighten up or find humor (especially when you are the butt of the joke.) How many red flag indicators do you need to prove once and for all that your self-worth is running on empty? And who loves you enough to say, “Enough of this self-debasement!”

Well, I do. I am weary and heartsick by friends who think it’s funny to put themselves down. Who apologize and edit themselves out of family photos because of their self-loathing. Who, after a few drinks, say the ugliest things about themselves and no amount of saying, “You are wonderful – beautiful – amazing” even makes a dent in the fortress of self-rejection they’ve built over a lifetime of self-talk.

When you get to the end of this journey and are finally released from this body, you’ll have an amazing “Aha!” that none of the crap you slung to prove your unworthiness was real.

But then it will be too late.

So now what? Well, I wrote an e-book on the topic, which is a good introduction from my perspective. Better, Louise Hay wrote a book about mirror work that is excellent, if you’re serious about jumping off the “I suck” train.

It IS work. But it is work worth doing. Please start building yourself up instead of tearing yourself down. You’ll get your laugh back.

Here’s some final thoughts on humor and a new WOW that can help you if you are facing a conflict or a sticky relationship situation:

May UNDERSTANDING build bridges these next two weeks.

Sending you so much love –


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Remember the Love, Not the Loss

The loss of my father marked my life at age ten, and the ripple effect created – in both good and bad ways – the person I am today.

It made me the kind of person that always makes certain to say “I love you” at the end of a conversation, because I know too well that it could be the last conversation.

When you think about it, though, that’s kind of a macabre cloud that hangs over my life. The “I love you” is tinged with a bit of fear that the rug will be pulled out from under me and I won’t get the chance to say goodbye properly.

Like I didn’t get to with my dad.

Earlier this week on Facebook I wrote about how I’m coming to turns with remaining vestiges of this childhood loss. I see how I have a pattern of protecting myself and cutting opportunities (and people) off, before they get a chance to do it to ME. The fear of loss doesn’t keep me on my tiptoes, gingerly trying to avoid being hurt. It makes everyone else walk on egg shells, because they know I have a low tolerance for anything that resembles a potential rejection or disappointment.

No sirree! “Brenda’s not gonna get hurt again” is the silent mantra that drives me to put up walls; numb feelings – and never fully SURRENDER to love.

I likened it to when records would get scratched and instead of the song playing on, it would get stuck on the same note, over and over and over.

There are grooves in our souls that try to get us to repeat negative patterns; dark or disappointing memories that want to stake a continuing claim to our future selves.

I’m coming to some freeing revelations about how the past needs no longer to shape my future.

I’m letting go in 2019.

As I meditated on this in church last Sunday, I literally had a vision of my beautiful father. And though it wasn’t audible, I felt him say, “I want you to remember the LOVE, not the LOSS.” Oh my, what a perspective shift!

There were only ten years I had with Daddy, but they were so wrapped in an abundance of love! Sacrifices he made; vacations he planned, Mr. Softee ice creams purchased; his huge, calloused hand holding my little one.

We always have a choice. Remember the love, or remember the loss.

Choosing to remember the love is what I believe ultimately heals our hearts, and opens them up to more love.

In our recent focus on SURRENDER, perhaps the greatest  “letting go” is of those loss-laden memories in our souls.

More on that and a very special new word, coming right up:

Well, Daddy! How very special of you to encourage me to LIGHTEN UP.

Yes, we can face the depths of our souls, but we don’t have to sink in the process.

Sending you love and light and…




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The Power to Choose a Happy New Path

In 2019, I want happy to be my default feeling.

And happy feelings are always preceded by happy thoughts.

Why – especially at this time of year – do we milk the drama that is so readily available from sad songs (Blue Christmas, anyone?) or the lack of Christmas cards or presents under the tree?

Sadness, loneliness, depression, anxiety, fear…I spent way too many holidays (and every other days) letting these negative emotions dig a groove in my soul. Filling in those grooves with a new pattern of happy thoughts, positive feelings, good memories and believing the best about people (including myself) has been my mission in 2018.

Paving over the potholes in our soul takes effort, but it makes the road ahead less bumpy.

We have the power to not let our pasts dictate our futures. Let’s stop expending energy on what went wrong before and instead start charting a new course, built on a foundation of loving ourselves MORE.

One of my favorite teachers, Esther Hicks, talks about when she first started using a GPS to navigate road trips. They were on their way and her husband, Jerry, said, “You know…we’re going in the wrong direction.”
Esther said, “That’s not possible! I know I put everything in the GPS perfectly. Let’s go back to where we started and figure out where it went wrong.”

Jerry listened and gently replied, “Or we could just start going the right way starting from where we are.”

Oh! That makes sense.

Don’t spend time as this year ends bemoaning where you got off track or how far away you may be from where you want to be.

Start, right here, right now on the new path.

The happy path.

The path you deserve.

It’s a choice, and the power is OURS.

Final thoughts on power and the new Word of the Weeks (which is actually a Word for the Year) are right here:

Happy and merry thoughts and lots of love are coming your way. Thanks for taking the journey with me this year!


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Christmas Cheer to Far and Near!

This image was from one of the very first blog posts I wrote – and the sentiment still holds true.

My annual attempt to spread Christmas cheer through sugar and carbs has drawn to a close.

I have a huge burn mark on my right arm (tended to lovingly by Mark, with antiseptic and aloe.)

Sometimes you have to be burned to realize how loved you are.

The list of people who receive this gesture of love seems to grow each year as my heart grows bigger and the list of people I love gets longer.  I wish I could leap out of every box opened and encourage the recipient to toast first, then SLATHER with butter, ’cause if you’re going to break your diet, you might as well do it right.

But most people know by now the raisin bread ritual and how to savor it well.

I think about my grandmother, whose kitchen was pretty much covered in flour by the time she finished her annual bread-making.

Edna Hartsell made a deep impact on my life…from the way she knelt by her bed at night (literally!) and prayed out loud for everyone (literally!) she knew to the way every car ride with her was a rousing chorale of gospel songs.  We learned, as Elf affirmed, that “The best way to spread Christmas cheer was singing loud for all to hear.”

Each loaf of bread is a tribute to my Mom-mom, who inspired me to a spiritual life.

We each have our own ways of expressing and embracing our individual faith.  Some like to cheer, clap their hands and shout “Hallelujah!” and other prefer to quietly meditate and center their souls on Source.

Though my own spiritual path has been a bit like a Family Circus cartoon, full of twists, turns, detours, valleys, and mountaintops – I am so very very very very very glad to be a believer, not just during the holiday season, but all year long.

My heart is full of appreciation for the Loving Presence that has sustained me through dark times and carried me to better days.

Perhaps the greatest lesson of my past year has been that this Presence is not like a butterfly that descends and departs (based on how good, bad, or tuned in I am) but that it is EVERPRESENT.

I can call upon the Power that created worlds at any time, for it resides in me (and I in it.)  There’s no penance to pay for a misstep, only a moment’s acknowledgment to get back into alignment once again.

Jesus said, “I and my Father are One.”

I get that now, Jesus.

I believe the One we celebrate this time of year would, if He were here, take us each gently by the shoulders and say, “You’ve got the Power!  It’s all right there – use it!”

In my fantasy conversation with Jesus I think He’d also say, “Sheesh!  Stop wrestling with your own worthiness once and for all.  You are LOVED – unconditionally!”

What a Christmas gift. 

Wouldn’t that be the best gift for all of us? 

I came face to face with this once again over the past two weeks when I realized how CONDITIONAL (still) my own love was for myself…

Oh my!  Isn’t it interesting that POWER ends up being our new WOW?

Wouldn’t that be the best Christmas miracle of all – to realize our POWER and walk in it?

I look forward to delving into this with you over the next two weeks.  And if you’ve never visited my other website,, I’ve love you to download my e-book on the topic of my own journey to self-love.  My gift to you!

In the meantime, even if you didn’t receive a loaf of raisin bread this year, my heart is sending you Christmas cheer and heartfelt wishes for the FULLNESS of love to inhabit your heart, now and forever.


With love,


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Friends are Wonderful Teachers

It’s Thanksgiving morning as I write this, and I’m thinking about my friends.

Friends have been the best teachers in my life and I think the reason why is because the love level is so high, the wall level is low.  With trusted friends, there’s no need to put up defenses or be on guard.

With friends, my heart is wide open, and revelations can penetrate deeply.

It’s not ALL deep stuff.  Though my friend Cynthia is as deep and insightful as they come, she’s my fashionista/stylist/hair/makeup and on trend friend.  Whenever we are together, there is always a conversation about, “Where did you buy that?  What serum do you use?  What diet are you on?”  We keep each other sharp (and smokin’ hot, I like to say!)

My friend Renee is a nurturer/caretaker/nursemaid/comforter who LISTENS in a way that always makes you feel heard.  She hangs on her friends words because she cares so deeply.  And research?  Just mention a topic you’re interested in, and the Inter-Nay (as we affectionately call her) conjures up the pertinent info and helps the Fab Four make informed decisions, while sending funny dog videos to keep us smiling.

Anita never skims.  She reads voraciously and has a PhD level knowledge about matters like quantum physics, spirituality, and health.  I tend to be a Cliff Notes/Readers Digest abridged version person, so how grateful I am for a friend who digs into the depths of a thing. She, too, is a world-champion listener, and always hears what I HAVEN’T said and asks the followup questions that provoke me to think.  She has a giggle like a teenager (and the bonus is that she lives directly on Jacksonville Beach, making for a perfect getaway.)  I will, however, always wonder why we live in the same state FIVE HOURS AWAY.  Seems wrong.  But it’s better than five states away.

On our recent girls’ weekend in Atlanta, Cynthia presented each of us with this “We go back, but we also go forward” mug. My coffee tastes better in it every morning!

These are my sisters from another mother.  And then there is my sister since birth, Shirlee.  So beautiful and talented, I could have been jealous, but she has always been so good to me I couldn’t help but adore her.  One of the greatest things she ever taught me was, during bad times, mark your calendar for two weeks away.  Guaranteed, life will be better by then.  (It’s true.  Bad times don’t last forever.)  She’s whipped up magnificent meals and desserts and watching her inspires me to try them at home.  She has NEVER stopped learning – now acting in local plays (even a film!) and playing her beloved ukelele with gusto.

Could I go on? Forever.

I could mention how Roseann taught me the power of a Hallmark card to really let people know I care.  (Hallmark should send her residual checks, I caught on to this so well.)  Or write volumes about Cindy, Linda, Hillary, Chelsa, Karen, Karen (I won two Karen’s when I moved to Sarasota!), Jennifer…

…you get the point.

We celebrate Friends-giving at my apartment complex, and with EDUCATION being our recent Word of the Weeks I couldn’t help but think of how much my beautiful friendships have taught me.  

And perhaps the point is not that friends are the best teachers.

LOVE is.

Onward to a new Word of the Weeks!

How perfectly does today’s post about friends go along with SISTER/BROTHERHOOD!

Keep learning, keep loving.



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Resilience Says YES to Life

Is there a YES in you, or a NO?

Are your first instincts to find a reason to agree or to argue?

Not just with others, but with YOURSELF.

An opportunity arises, and maybe it is a bit out of your wheelhouse but the thought of it scares yet excites you…do you say yes? Or  do you talk yourself out of it before the thought ever becomes a thing?

Recently a friend marveled at some of the things I’ve been able to pull off in my 55 years, and most of it had nothing to do with credentials (though I’ve got them), connections (didn’t have many) or luck of the draw (I’m still counting on winning the lottery one of these days.)

All of the “wins” – getting in to voice-overs for commercials, or gaining speaking engagements – were because I said yes to life…and yes to ME.

Yes equals, “I have faith in ME.” And if you keep building on that faith, the challenges that inevitably come can’t win. Those temporary setbacks become stepping stones; opportunities for growth. Developing that YES on the inside shapes your resilience until it becomes your default.

The wins don’t always come fresh out of the gate.  But if you keep saying that three letter word, the wins will eventually follow.

If you were a  horse in a race, would you bet on YOU?

I hope the answer is…well, you know what I hope it is!

Saying NO and saying YES shapes your life…which is a great lead in to this week’s message:

Hey, if my sister can pick up a ukulele and master it, I can do the same with a guitar.

I’m saying YES!

And hope you will, too.



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You Can’t Make Me Feel Bad

One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned in life is that you can’t make me feel bad.

You can’t make me feel inferior, rejected, unworthy, afraid, or anxious.

No, can’t even make me feel lonely, unattractive, ridiculous, stupid or out of touch.

You can’t make me feel…ANYTHING.

I  am (and you are) the gatekeeper to such feelings.

Now, when someone says, “Gee, you look a bit pudgy these days.  One too many donuts?” it wants to MAKE me feel bad.

Or when the voice in my head says, “Sheesh, you look every bit your age in that photo, Brenda” it WANTS to make me feel bad.

It knocks at the door of my soul and says, “Hey!  Here’s a familiar bad feeling.  Can I come in and sit for a spell?”

Because it is a familiar voice, there’s a temptation to acquiesce; to just let it in and steal the next few hours (or days) of joyful living.

But I (and you) don’t have to LET it escalate.

Stopping a bad thought before it ever takes root or gains momentum is a key to walking in STRENGTH (our Word of the Weeks).

This shifts full responsibility for how we feel onto US.  Yes, other people can be entirely crappy, but why assign them so much power?

Ah, the beautiful shift from giving a @#$%& what other people think of us to standing firm in who we know ourselves to be is powerful.

And freeing.

And fun!

Feeling GOOD is critically important.  It is a sign that I am linked up to pure, positive energy (God, Source, the Divine).

Feeling bad?

The devil didn’t make you do it.

YOU did it, but entertaining words and thoughts that should have been kicked to the curb.

Now did I just make you feel GUILTY???

Ha!  That was a trick question!

I can’t make you feel anything.

Now, when I tell you you’re beautiful and amazing and talented and smart, let it lift your heart.  Enjoy the encouragement that comes from those who love you.  That’s the icing – but YOU’RE the cake.

More on STRENGTH and the new WOW, coming right up!


WOW – such an appropriate word to follow STRENGTH!

Don’t fall for the lie that you can’t handle what is on your plate.  You can handle it, eat it, enjoy it, and throw that plate against the wall in triumph!




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The Ongoing Art of Letting Go

I’ve written about letting go before.  A common thread in most of my awakenings this past year has been the discovery that there’s no “arriving” while we’re breathing.

Life is a constant journey, revealing layers upon layers as we choose to be honest – and inviting us to let go of the old with each new reveal.

When I went to Costa Rica  two Septembers ago (my how time flies!) I was on a mission.  This was an urgent journey to get to the root of Brenda and find out why she kept falling into certain traps that ham-stringed her happiness.

I got what I went for, and experienced a joyous release for many months.

As life goes, new challenges (even wonderful ones, like, geeze!  I have a boyfriend!) raised old, un-dealt with issues and while I now had valuable tools to cope and resolve, sometimes you still need a little help.

If you know me at all, you know I NEVER thought I’d darken the doors of a church ever again, after experiencing cruelty, abuse, and toxicity at what had been known as Philadelphia’s Church of Our Saviour.  NOTE:  I also met some of the most wonderful people EVER, who remain my dear friends today; proof that good can come out of bad.

But this sweet guy who won my heart, Mark, was a regular attendee and – sheesh! – board member at the Sarasota Center of Light. I told him flat out that I would likely never attend with him, and if that was a deal-breaker, so be it.

It wasn’t.

And go figure, when he told me there was an intention-setting ceremony on New Years Day, something tugged at my heart and said “Go.”

When we had the pastor and his wife over for dinner some months later, I boldly announced, “I’ll likely never join the church, but I am enjoying it.”

You know how THAT story ends.  (Yes, I’m a member.)

So in this community of spiritually-minded people, there are ongoing classes available to all, whether you’re a member or not.

Which leads me to this week’s post on letting go.

My new friend, Joan Volpe, was hosting a “Despacho Ceremony.”  This is a very basic description, but it’s a sacred ceremony to render gratitude, write down intentions and name things that you seek healing from (or requesting healing for others.)

I was surprised at some of the the things, after all these years, that I wrote down!

Being bullied by Justine Carano and Frank DeCesaro in high school.

Then wrongly accused by some beloved old acquaintances who blamed me for their pain.

And kicking MYSELF for some decisions.  Yes, I needed to forgive myself.

Had I known better, I would have done better.

We all have anchors that try to bog our souls down and keep us STUCK.  Calling them out and acknowledging their very existence is a good starting place (and in the Despacho, there is guidance to help you through the process.)

And they end, there is a package (literally) that you’ve created, tied up in a bow.  And you can either burn it, plant it, or let it go in moving water.

That Friday night’s date night was a walk to the Sarasota Bay at high tide…and letting go.

The symbolic gesture in itself was a mark in my life – a line in the sand and a decision that “no more” will the past have the power to shackle my future.

And I gotta say, some breakthroughs of varying sorts have emerged into the physical since that time.

And one thing I know for sure:

There will be more.

‘Cause as long as I’m living and breathing, I’ll be learning…and letting go.


Love it – here’s to finding our strength these coming two weeks, and letting go of anything that tries to sap our energy.


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Truly Living is Risky Business

It’s risky to put yourself out there and decide to truly live. The idea that we can live fearlessly is a misnomer.  The trick is how we respond to fear.

Fear can keep you on the edge of the diving board, never taking the leap.  It can paralyze you in a moment of opportunity that slips away while you deliberate.

I’ve been on that end of fear and that’s where most of my regrets reside.

Lately I’ve been viewing fear from the aspect of “feeling excited and ready.”

That nervous bubble in the pit of my stomach is simply a reminder that I’m alive.

That’s a good thing.

A few Saturday nights ago, Mark and I were invited to a going away party for a mutual friend. She was taking off to start a new life in Sweden with a new love she met on vacation a year ago.  At the party, she was surrounded by the love of friends and family.  People offered toasts and well wishes, and there was an unspoken acknowledgement among us that this was indeed a risky move.

A new country.

A new relationship.

No guarantees that this would be her happily ever after.

The flip side?

Not taking the leap could haunt her forever with the question, “What if?”

At the end of the night, the guest of honor took the floor to thank those of us in attendance, and she said something really beautiful.

“I know this is a risk.  But I know I am safe to take it because of all of you.”

See, there are no guarantees that risky business will pay off.  But when it doesn’t, knowing you have people who love you; you will offer you their spare bedroom or let you call them at 2 AM is the comfort that softens the potential blow.

Did any of you watch America’s Got Talent?  There was this amazing acrobatic couple, Duo Transcend.  They specialized in risky, jaw-dropping moves that were downright dangerous.  Her life was in his hands.  His life was in hers.  The love energy between the two of them was palpable, making their feats even more thrilling.

On their last performance before the final, she dropped him.

We gasped!

Then realized, this was part of the act.

Out of the sight line of the cameras was a soft landing place for him to fall.

We all have that same safety net beneath us.

Rarely are the risks we take matters of life and death.  Mostly, they’re a leap from where we are to where we want to be. And if we end up being wrong about our desired destination, we can always course correct.

Don’t be afraid to try for fear of failing.  Failure isn’t fatal; it’s simply a detour; a building block to success.

We can all look over our shoulder and recall things that didn’t go according to plan, but life still went on and ended up exactly as it ought.

Lessons learned. Conflicts created clarity of purpose. Contrast revealed what we really want and don’t want.

Our happily ever after isn’t an ending place; rather, it’s a continual unfolding as we create the life we dare to live.

And there it is:  Dare to live.

Go for it.  Be afraid and act anyway. Feel the pounding in your chest and take the leap.

Be alive.

There is an underpinning of love and well-being that surrounds you, not only in those who love you here on earth but also in the unseen spiritual forces commissioned to keep you safe and sound.

If you knew that you couldn’t fail, would you do it?

More thoughts on RISK, including how this very blog was birthed, and the new WOW, coming right up:

Is there something you’re holding on to that you need to release?

Just as you are safe to take a risk, you are also safe to LET GO.

Have a beautiful couple of weeks!



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Under the Influence Of…?

We are all under the influence of SOMETHING.

Back in the day, it was usually a nice red wine or a very naughty Grand Marnier.

Because my feelings were on lock-down, I had to numb them.

When I started to allow my feelings to rise to the surface (thanks to getting off of Zoloft and eliminating alcohol), those feelings made clear what was TRULY influencing me.

Good feelings? Happy thoughts? Joyful intentions and a positive outlook? That means I’m under the influence of Source/God/Spirit…however you choose to refer to the Divine.

Stressed? Anxious? Feeling insecure and inferior? Oh, I have just unplugged my connection and I am all caught up in what I can see, hear, smell, taste, and touch.

The senses are very compelling, but they are only PART of the story.

There is a meta (above) physical reality that is FAR more powerful that what my senses can discern.

It is in THAT universe where unlimited potential, lavish abundance and boatloads of  creativity and inspiration reside.

One of the most powerful realizations of this past year has been that Brenda and Source are ONE.  I don’t have to strive for a connection; it is not sever-able.

I don’t have to be good enough, or praise enough, or be holy enough to make myself attractive to God.

That’s the unconditional part of love where traditional religion goes off track.

Conservative Christianity’s view that a God that is love – and unconditional love at that – could damn a soul to “hell” always troubled me; yet I was so entrenched, it terrified me to consider otherwise.  I felt guilty reading Rob Bell’s book Love Wins, yet I couldn’t pull myself away from the sense it made.

This awakening was the first of many to follow…and just like playing whack-a-mole, as soon as I learn something new I learn there’s more to learn.

We’re all on our own, individual journeys. Some of you are further down the road than I, and maybe I’m down the pike from where you are…but the best part is it doesn’t matter.

Ha! Doesn’t it often turn out that when you think you’re ahead you’re really behind (and vice-versa?)

This isn’t a competition.  No one has the corner on the market of spirituality and everyone has a little piece of the truth.

I have found that the safest, most peaceful space to live in is where love truly wins.

In that space, everyone wins.

My closing thoughts on awakening and the new WOW, coming right up!

Well, hello possibilities!  What risks are YOU going to take this week?

(I’m rooting for you!)



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